Students login using their Student Reference Number which appears on their Student Card, If they have not logged into BKSB before their password will be set to "password". They will then be prompted to change their password. Please follow the on-screen instructions.

Staff can only Reset Student BKSB Passwords in BKSB. Do not use ADToolkit for BKSB. To reset passwords in BKSB, Staff must be logged into BKSB and have Tutor Rights.

Staff login to BKSB using their Network Logins but with a different password, if you do not know your password for BKSB please contact the Servicedesk.
Go to BKSB - Take Assessment   Student Search - Staff only - Internal only

Click on the arrow to play the introductory video to BKSB below

How to create groups   How to make reports

BKSB is not a test and you cannot fail.  It is an indicator for us to appreciate your strengths and areas for development.  We will discuss your results in an interview and find the course that is right for you.